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small & mighty tips from our three pillars of wellness


incorporating movement into a busy day

balancing activity & recovery

home-based workouts


sport/event specific training


    balancing energy intake & expenditure

    mindfulness-based eating

    general nutrition for optimal health

    nutrition for special diets & requirements




    performance psychology

    maintaining motivation

    goal setting

    About Spring Coaching

    Picture of Josie with tree behind her

    A holistic wellness coaching company that empowers others to be their happiest and healthiest through small sustainable steps.

    Services includes:

    • individual holistic wellness coaching (face-to-face and online)
    • corporate or group wellness workshops and seminars (face-to-face and online)
    • individual or small group walk-talk coaching
    • holistic online wellness coaching programmes
    • pilates for individuals, groups and corporates.

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